Friday, February 23, 2007

Java Games OM Kick Off

Inspired by the classic arcade game, "OM" Kick Off invites you to beat the leading soccer teams to become the best! Run one of great teams of France and show your skill in variety of situations. Each scene will force you to combine logic and skill in order to stop the oncoming balls….while keeping your eyes on the clock!

- The only truly mobile version of "OM".
- 50 levels of increasing difficulty.
- 4 different fields.
- Many bonuses and movie clips.
- Collect points to unlock images from Marseille's official Olympic gallery.
- 2 game modes: "Championship" where you play against the best teams of France, and "European Cup" where you play against the best teams of Europe.
- The "Europe Cup" mode offers back-and-forth matches with a reversed playing field.
- A penalty shoot-out when time runs out.


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