Friday, February 23, 2007

Java Games Bubu2 Power Pants

Soon after his escape from the psychiatric hospital, Bubu (see: Bubu - The Great Escape game) has serious troubles. He has run out of money. While drinking in a galactic bar with Mr. Schizoo they had a bright idea. Using the mysterious, legendary Power Pants that give extreme powers to the one wearing them, they decided to fight in Intergalactic Boxing Championship and win the prize. Now Bubu must go and find the legendary item. Only the old Monk knows where the Power Pants are hidden, but will not reveal his secret easily. First Bubu must fulfill his missions and bring him the items he demands. The land through which Bubu travels is dangerous. It is infested with hungry Cannibals, deadly sundews, and thorny Rhinos but also sharp spikes and deep abysses. Cleverness from the player is welcomed. There are different ways in which the enemies can be defeated. For example you can irritate peaceful rhinos by showing them your ass, and they will turn into a deadly weapon, demolishing everything in their way. Help Bubu to find what he is looking for!

Game feature:
- 6 levels in excellent graphic design
- 6 characters/enemies in game
- items that can be collected and used elsewhere (dynamite, jumping frog)
- different ways of getting rid of enemies
- addictive game play and loads of fun
- free gadgets to download

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